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 [PINNED] EXO Philippines Forum Rules

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PostSubject: [PINNED] EXO Philippines Forum Rules   [PINNED] EXO Philippines Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 05, 2012 7:13 pm

Everyone is required to follow the rules stipulated here. Failure to comply with the rules, whether by accident or on purpose, will be meted with the proper consequences.

1. Profanities, bashing, sexist, racist or generally hateful and scornful remarks are not allowed. In other words, RESPECT.
  • Inappropriate references to the members and their body parts are included.
  • Bashing and having your own opinion are two different things. If you don't like someone, fine. However, you are not allowed to degrade or post hateful remarks about them.

2. Pornographic images, sexually explicit material or nudity are also not allowed.
  • Please keep in mind that this forum is for all ages.

3. Absolutely no spamming. Meet the 10-word minimum for every post you make on EXOPH.
  • 10 words are required for each post. Do not try to cheat this ten-word minimum by "t y p i n g l i k e t h i s".
  • No double posting. On the event that you have double-posted by accident, notify one of the moderators immediately and let them take care of it.
  • Do not quote the entire first post of the topic or else this shall be seen as spam.
  • Do not quote images. If the post you are to quote has an image, please remove the "[/img]" tags.
  • Copying and pasting your replies also counts as spam.
  • Images that are too big for the layout must be eclosed inside a SPOILER code so as not to distort the forum.

4. Do not make multiple accounts.

5. Follow the rules for each subforum.
  • The rules posted here are general rules that are to be followed at all times inside the forum. However, some subforums have specific rules you are required to follow as well.

6. Signature rules.
  • Banners must not exceed 400px x 150px. That means, you are only allowed to make banners that has 400px in width and 100px in height. NO MORE THAN THAT.
  • Animated GIFs are allowed, so long as you follow the 400px x 150px size limit.
  • You are only allowed a maximum of 4 lines for quotes and other text.
  • Only 2 avatars are allowed for signatures and each avatar must not exceed 100px x 100px.
  • Embedding media (audio, video, etc.) are not allowed in signatures.

7. Do not forget to credit properly.
  • When posting news, images, videos, facts or rumors, please cite your sources.
  • When taking out things from EXO Philippines, please remember to credit us as well.
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[PINNED] EXO Philippines Forum Rules
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